Luks R&R specializes in home window film installation using high-quality premium window films. We also offer decorative window film application that adds a new dimension to any space, wether it is a flat, house or office. Decorative window films are one of the best ways to enhance the appearance of your home or office and its windows. They will have a huge effect on the way that your home looks, and they are cost efficient to install.

Whether you are looking for a window film to protect or decorate your home, shop, or office building, our team will get the job done in a professional and timely manner!

Our mission is to ensure that you have a window film solution that meets or exceeds your expectations. We achieve this by listening to your needs, right-sizing the solution, and by using the best materials and skilled craftsmanship available in the industry.

Our professional team can install decorative window film:

  • venetian mirror film
  • sunscreen film
  • anti-theft film

Have questions or want to learn more about what we do? Just give us a call at 0834753255. We’d be happy to answer all the questions you have and then start your decorative film project. We offer competitive rates, the highest-quality products, and an assortment of choices, which will suit any budget and any personal style preferences.

Luks R&R always takes pride in finding the perfect options for our customers!

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